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Hillsboro Second Story Office Addition

Hillsboro Second Story Office Addition A New Home Office & Bathroom Remodel The owners of this Hillsboro home came to Lamont Bros. with a challenge: they needed a new home office and wanted to add it to the second story of their house. A project like this would require extensive design and structural engineering, and…

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What is the Return on Investment of a Home Addition?

Home addition return on investment

Homeowners often grapple with the decision to expand or modify their homes. The uncertainties lie not just in the construction itself, but in the assurance that their investment will add tangible value to their property. Indeed, the question at the forefront of many homeowners’ minds is: Will this home addition deliver a return on investment…

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Home Addition Cost Breakdown

Undertaking a home addition is a great way to increase the living space in your home. However,  for many homeowners, the looming questions about cost can be daunting. How much will the addition set you back? More importantly, how do you know every dollar of your budget is being well spent? Getting a clear insight…

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How to Add Space to Your Home Without Doing an Addition

Every homeowner at some point contemplates the age-old question: how can I get more space out of my home? Whether you’re craving a new home office, a dedicated play area for the kids, or just some extra room to breathe, the first thought that might cross your mind is to build an addition. But the…

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How Do Setback and Zoning Laws Affect My Home Addition?

Dreaming of expanding your home? An addition can be an exciting venture. Maybe it’s for an extra bedroom, a sunroom, or perhaps a more spacious kitchen. But as your home addition takes shape, it’s vital to ensure that it also takes into account the very real limitations imposed by local zoning and setback laws. As…

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Oregon City Mother in Law Suite Addition

Oregon City Mother in Law Suite Addition ADA Compliant Living Space for Mom This Oregon City couple came to Lamont Bros. for help with building a mother-in-law addition on their home. The husband’s mother was planning to move in, and they wanted to make sure she had a space that was built to accommodate her…

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