Video: Do You Want to Understand Building Permits?

Video Transcript:

Are you about to begin work on your next home remodel project? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complicated permitting system and wondering where to start? So in this video, we’re going to help you understand getting a permit here in Portland.

Hi, I’m Jeremiah Villa, a project manager here at Lamont Brothers Design and Construction. And every day we apply for permits for large kitchen additions and small bathroom renovations. Today, I’ll walk you through the process of understanding the purpose of getting a permit in Portland and understanding the purpose in doing so.

What Are Building Permits?

Building permits are a collection of documents given to you by the state to prove that you’ve gone through all the necessary steps for a safe home remodel or new home construction.

Why Do I Need a Building Permit?

In order to renovate your home safely and build things that last, we need to follow a building code set out by the state. This process involves inspections throughout the project that are called in with your permit number.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Building Permit?

This depends on your scope of work. 6 to 12 weeks is typical. But if your project involves tying into city services like sewer or power, you could wait as long as 16 weeks. If you’re working with Lamont Brothers, your project manager will take care of the application and revisions if necessary while keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

How Much Do Construction Permits Cost?

The size and scope of your project will be the determining factor in the cost of your permit. For a small bathroom, renovation permits are typically only $1k to $3k, while larger renovations like additions and ADUs are generally $5K plus.

Additional Resources

Now that you have a better understanding, you’re ready to move forward in remodeling your home. Check out the article linked below that will go into more depth on the permitting process. Continue to inform yourself and stay tuned for more expert advice and valuable insight to guide you through your remodeling journey.