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Remodeling Resources

For Our Clients

Embarking on a remodeling project can be daunting and educating yourself is the most important first step. Clients and homeowners ask us hundreds of remodeling questions every day such as "What does a bathroom remodel cost", "How can I have a stylistic kitchen that will be still beautiful in 10 years?", "How do I compare remodeling estimates" and many more.

Our Design Consultants are the best source of remodeling knowledge in the Portland Metro Area.

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For our Team Members

Our team never stops learning. We value continually educating our designers, project managers, superintendents and other field personnel through regular training sessions and sharing expertise from inside and outside the company. We give scholarships to team members who want to attend specific trainings.

Reach out to your supervisor to learn about or request particular training opportunities or scholarships.

Remodeling Questions: