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frequently asked questions

You have remodeling questions. We've got your answers.

Clients and homeowners ask us all sorts of remodeling questions, such as "What does a bathroom remodel cost", "How long will the remodel take?", "Can I live in my home during a remodel?" and many more.

Find answers to those and other common questions below. And for more design/build information and inspiration, check out our blog.

Q: What is a design/build firm?

A Design/Build firm combines design and construction into a single entity to streamline communication, add more accuracy to budgeting, and speed up project timelines.

In the Design/Build model, you'll work with the same firm from beginning to end, which helps ensure your project is developed and built to meet your needs and budget.

Q: How much will my remodel cost?

Every project is unique, we tailor every budget to meet the client's needs and vision. We want to make sure your goals align with the budget you have in mind.

To that end, we've developed a robust budgeting tool so you know where the money is being spent, and to help eliminate budget surprises later on.

We can schedule a time to come to your home and interactively work through your remodel budget so you know exactly what is included in a proposal.

Q: How long will my project take?

Along with your custom budget, we'll also create a custom project schedule, which you'll be able to see and track in your online portal.

To give you a start, here are some baselines. Typical bathrooms take anywhere from 5-7 weeks. Typical kitchens take anywhere from 3-4 months. And simple additions can run anywhere from 3-6 months.

Q: What is the planning process like?

The project planning process starts with a design conversation. We'll get an understanding of your goals and help you discover the possibilities. of your project.

We'll also work with you to build a transparent and accurate budget for the work on your home.

Throughout the process, you'll work with our design consultant, designer and project manager to finalize all of the drawings, selections and design details for your project. Before we start, you'll have a fixed-price construction contract for the work to be done.

Q: Can I lIve in my house during the remodel project?

With most kitchen or bathroom remodels, you will be able to live in your home while the project is ongoing. We take steps to separate the work area from the rest of your home so the living area remains clean and you and your family are protected from construction dust and work implements.

Larger projects, like whole home remodels, may prevent you from staying in your home during at least part of the time.

If this is important for you, discuss it with your Design Consultant. They'll be able to help you strategize options to enable you to stay in your home as much as possible through the project.

Q: WHat are my remodel financing options?

Using the equity in your home is a common way to finance a remodel. There are typically three ways to access your equity.

  • With a straight refinance, you can typically access up to 80% of your home's equity. With current low interest rates, this can be one of the least expensive loans.
  • A second mortgage can be a good way to access funds if your current first mortgage is at a really good rate or you simply don't want to change it. The interest rates are usually higher, but more flexible.
  • A renovation loan will give you access to the most funds available. The bank will loan money on the projected value of your house when the project is completed. Loans can often go up to 95% loan-to-value on the value of your home when construction is finished.

Q: Will my Remodel pay off?

This is a question we get asked a lot. We know that the initial cost for your remodel may look expensive, but in most cases, you'll be able to recoup much of those costs right away.

In fact, with most kitchen and bathroom remodels, up to 80% of the project costs are recouped almost immediately. And the longer you stay in your home, the more likely you'll make up the total cost of your remodel.

To see some examples how to calculate your remodel return on investment, check out the video related with this FAQ.

Q: How Will You Protect my home?

We are committed to respecting you and your home. Our in-house remodeling team will set up dust protection, plastic walls, cardboard or hardboard floor protection and may even run a HEPA filtration system throughout the project. We'll also protect any ducts or returns that are in our work area to help prevent dust from getting inside.

Part of respecting you and your home is to provide you with a safe environment when we leave for the day. That means a broom-swept floor, caution tape around dangerous areas, and communication with you about what's happening next.

If you are especially concerned about dust or have allergies please discuss the HEPA filtration with your Design Consultant.

Need some expert design advice?

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