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How to add a bathroom addition to your house

There are plenty of good reasons to add an extra bathroom to your home. Whether it be for convenience or property value, a bathroom addition can be a worthwhile investment when done correctly. So how do you add a bathroom to an existing home? The answer may not be as simple as you think. The…

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What type of flooring is right for me?

If you’re on the hunt for new floors, finding different options is probably not going to be a challenge. Narrowing down those options to find a type of flooring that fits your needs can be a bit more difficult.  We get it – floors make up the base layer of your home’s interior. As a…

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What to expect during a home remodel

The time has finally come. You’ve spent weeks, maybe even months, getting everything in order for your home remodel. Now, you get to sit back and watch the magic happen.   Saws buzzing, hammers pounding, plastic barriers everywhere, water and electricity getting shut off randomly, and workers coming in and out of your house all day…

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Can I do some of my own remodel work myself?

It’s a question we’re asked often as a home remodeling company: “How much work can I do on my own remodel?” Most of the time, homeowners are concerned about doing their own work to save costs. If there’s something they can do themselves, it’s something they don’t have to pay someone else to do.  While…

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7 Awesome Modern Home Bar Ideas

small home bar with white shelves

If you enjoy a cocktail or two but don’t necessarily love the full bar scene, create a cozy bar space in your home with just a few upgrades. Whether you have a lot of room or just a little, here are 7 awesome modern home bar ideas to help you devise the perfect entertaining area.…

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