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How to improve the energy efficiency of your home during a remodel

Let’s face it — nobody likes having a high electricity bill at the end of the month. Fortunately for homeowners who are already planning to remodel, it often makes a lot of sense to improve the energy efficiency of your home during the renovation process. At Lamont Bros., our designers and remodeling experts have worked…

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Tree protection laws in Portland: How do they affect my home addition?

If you’re planning on an addition or remodel in your Portland home, you probably already know about the tree protection laws in Portland. Given their restrictions, you might initially think these laws prevent you from being able to build what you want. Fortunately, this isn’t necessarily the case.  As one of Portland’s top remodeling firms,…

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Sustainable Home Building: 11 Ideas for a Green Home Addition

home addition

A home addition can be the perfect opportunity to incorporate sustainable design elements into your home. Here are 11 sustainable home building ideas for your next addition project. Using sustainable practices in your home addition remodeling projects not only helps protect the environment and reduce waste, it can also be cost effective in the long…

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8 Green Home Remodeling Ideas

Glen Oak Road Addition and kitchen

Most home remodels are meant to make the space you’re living in more usable and comfortable. But now it’s easier than ever to improve their sustainability. Here are 8 green home remodeling ideas to make your space more eco-friendly. Decreasing your home’s environmental footprint, and making it more energy-efficient, can not only increase your home’s…

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