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How Much Do New Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

When remodeling your kitchen, one of the most pressing questions you’ll likely ask is, “How much do new kitchen cabinets cost?” It’s a valid concern. Cabinets are not only functional elements that provide necessary storage, but they also play a significant role in defining the design and aesthetic of your kitchen. Understanding the cost involved…

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How Much Does a Custom Home Cost With a Design Build Firm?

custom home interior

Homeowners often choose to work with a design build firm because of the streamlined, cohesive process. In this process, design and construction services are seamlessly integrated, providing an end-to-end construction experience for homeowners. For those considering a custom home, a design-build firm can be a great option to ensure that the home meets their expectations.…

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What is the Return on Investment of a Home Addition?

Home addition return on investment

Homeowners often grapple with the decision to expand or modify their homes. The uncertainties lie not just in the construction itself, but in the assurance that their investment will add tangible value to their property. Indeed, the question at the forefront of many homeowners’ minds is: Will this home addition deliver a return on investment…

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5 Hidden Costs of Kitchen Remodeling

When planning a kitchen remodel, it’s important to have a predictable budget that you can rely on.  Yet, amidst the excitement of transforming your home, it’s possible you may encounter hidden costs that threaten to derail your kitchen remodeling ambitions, leading to budget overruns and unexpected challenges. As one of Portland’s most trusted remodeling companies,…

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5 Hidden Costs of Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Hidden Costs

A bathroom remodel can bring new life to your home, add value to the property, or simply create a personal sanctuary for you to enjoy. However, in this excitement, many homeowners stumble upon hidden costs that can disrupt their bathroom remodeling plans, stretch their budget, or even halt the project entirely. While many of these…

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Home Addition Cost Breakdown

Undertaking a home addition is a great way to increase the living space in your home. However,  for many homeowners, the looming questions about cost can be daunting. How much will the addition set you back? More importantly, how do you know every dollar of your budget is being well spent? Getting a clear insight…

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