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6 Things to Understand About Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

The best kind of homeowners insurance is the kind you never have to use. However, if you do have to file a homeowner’s insurance claim to restore your home, it pays to understand your policy. When working through insurance to repair your home after damage, there are several important parts of your policy that you…

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Should I Move or Remodel?

Woodlawn Custom Home

When you bought your house, it was good enough for your needs as a homeowner. Perhaps it was even the perfect home for you at the time. But somewhere along the way, your needs changed, leaving you with a difficult choice: remodel your current home, or purchase a new one and move.  Every year, homeowners…

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Is Home Remodeling Worth It Right Now in Portland?

If you’re one of the nearly 150,000 homeowners in the Portland area, chances are, you’ve at least thought about remodeling in the last few years. However, in an uncertain economy and unprecedented housing market conditions, many homeowners find themselves wondering if remodeling their Portland home is worth it right now. At Lamont Bros. Design &…

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Contractor Red Flags: 8 Warning Signs to Watch Out For

home remodel

Home remodeling comes with its own set of challenges. Your contractor shouldn’t be one of them. Although there are plenty of trustworthy remodeling contractors out there, it can be difficult for homeowners to know which ones are a good fit for their project, and which ones aren’t. In this article, we’ll show you 8 contractor…

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How to Work with a Design Build Firm to do Insurance Repair

Dealing with a home disaster can be one of the most inconvenient, frustrating experiences for a homeowner. Whether it’s a flood, fire, earthquake, or any other form of home damage, you’ll likely find yourself filing a homeowner’s insurance claim. If you choose to work with a design-build firm like Lamont Bros. Design & Construction to…

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Can I Live at Home During My Remodel?

house remodel framing

When planning a home remodel, you might have some concerns about living in your home while construction takes place. What if it’s too loud, or you can’t use certain parts of your home due to the renovations? While these concerns are certainly legitimate, it’s usually possible to live at home during a remodel with the…

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