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Northeast Portland Kitchen Remodel

Northeast Portland Kitchen Remodel Description Remodel Cost (2022): $104,000 Full kitchen remodel in Northeast Portland with new cabinets, backsplash, countertops, and flooring. Structural changes to open the space and connect the kitchen, dining room, and living area. CHALLENGE Connect the kitchen to the dining room while keeping the cost of structural changes to a minimum.…

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Gresham Kitchen & Great Room Remodel

Gresham Kitchen & Great Room Remodel Description A ranch-style home that needed multiple closed-off spaces and a large back hallway to be combined into one large living space with a kitchen that really entertains. After living in the home for 5 months, the client was ready to update the style and make the home function…

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What to expect from the kitchen remodel design process

Chances are if you’re preparing to shell out several thousand dollars on a kitchen remodel, you’re probably not going to demolish a few walls, rip up your floor, and tear out some cabinets before sitting down and asking yourself, “Now, how do I want my new kitchen to look?” As much as we sometimes wish…

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Oregon City Kitchen Transformation

kitchen remodel with blue cabinets

Oregon City Kitchen Transformation Description This midsized kitchen needed an upgrade to both its form and functionality. The homeowners were squeezing their way around some of the tight spaces, making cooking a chore. Outdated cabinets and other finishes left the space feeling dark and uninviting. CHALLENGE Update and open up the kitchen using the existing…

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Contemporary Happy Valley Kitchen

Contemporary happy valley kitchen Description The homeowners asked us to transform their kitchen with better space planning and a design that better fit the style of the home overall. Along with a cleaner, more modern aesthetic, the space needed more usable work areas and better light throughout. CHALLENGE The kitchen had been previously remodeled but…

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Beaverton Kitchen and Outdoor Remodel

Beaverton Kitchen and Outdoor Remodel Description This Beaverton home featured a small kitchen with a dining room that was underutilized, along with insufficient space overall for entertaining. The homeowners wanted to open up their kitchen and living space and look at ways to integrate the outdoor space into their remodel. CHALLENGE The original layout had…

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