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Irvington Basement Remodel

Irvington Basement Remodel Expanded Living Space for Historic Portland Home The homeowner’s decision to renovate the basement in this 1908 home in Portland’s historic Irvington district stemmed from a combination of factors. With ample space in their large home, they recognized a need for a dedicated family gathering area, which was missing. In particular, they…

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Northeast Portland Basement Remodel

Northeast Portland Basement Remodel Featured Image

Northeast Portland Basement Remodel Basement Conversion to Home Office & Media Room After 20 years of living in this 1913 craftsman-style home in Northeast Portland, the homeowners decided it was time to remodel their basement. They knew that they wanted to increase the living space in their home to accommodate for changes in their lifestyle,…

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How to Add a Bar to Your Basement

For as long as basements have existed, people have been drinking in them. But what makes the difference between an unrefined weeknight bottom-shelf tequila bender and a sophisticated socialite’s respectable evening cocktail? Many would say it’s all about the setting, which is why the best way to elevate your subterranean drinking experience is to add…

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Does my Portland Home need a Seismic Retrofit?

You’ve probably heard that the Portland metro area is at high risk for earthquakes. But did you know that in spite of this, not every home in Portland is built to withstand a major seismic event? If you’re concerned that your home may be at risk during an earthquake, don’t panic. A seismic retrofit can…

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How to Waterproof Your Basement

Whether used for storage or living space, a basement can be a useful feature to any home. However, due to being located below ground, they can also be prone to water intrusion. For this reason, it’s a good idea to waterproof your basement and keep your home safe from water damage. As one of Oregon’s…

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How and why to add an egress window to your basement

You want to have your basement legally designated as a living space, but to do that, fire safety code requires that you have means of egress in specific areas. Fortunately, adding an egress window or door to an existing basement is a simple and relatively common project. Our team at Lamont Bros. has worked with…

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