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Good Better Best: Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Marshall Park Bathroom Remodel

Chances are, you put more thought into the reflection than you do the mirror itself. Yet the vanity mirror is an integral part of your bathroom’s design, both functionally and visually. Selecting the right mirror for your bathroom is about finding the right balance between aesthetics, utility, and cost. To help you make the best…

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Pros and Cons of Wetwall Waterproof Shower Wall Panels

Wetwall shower in Portland, OR

Shower walls are an essential component of any bathroom and can impact the style, cost, and functionality of the space. In the product market of bathroom shower walls, Wetwall waterproof panels have emerged as a compelling choice. However, as with any remodeling decision, there are pros and cons to consider with Wetwall shower wall panels.…

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5 Hidden Costs of Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Hidden Costs

A bathroom remodel can bring new life to your home, add value to the property, or simply create a personal sanctuary for you to enjoy. However, in this excitement, many homeowners stumble upon hidden costs that can disrupt their bathroom remodeling plans, stretch their budget, or even halt the project entirely. While many of these…

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5 Common Bathroom Remodel Challenges

A bathroom remodel can present several challenges.

Every homeowner considering a bathroom remodel knows the anxiety of facing unknown challenges. What lies behind the walls? Will the project stay within budget? Are there unexpected design features that might stall the process? For many, these challenges can be overwhelming and even deter them from beginning a bathroom remodel altogether. At Lamont Bros. Design…

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Bathroom Remodel Cost Breakdown

You’re considering a bathroom remodel and have maybe even started getting quotes from contractors for the project. After considering the bids, you find yourself with a few questions about how your hard-earned money is being spent. What you need is a breakdown of the cost of a bathroom remodel. At Lamont Bros. We work with…

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Can I Install Wetwall Shower Wall Panels Over Drywall?

As a relatively new product in the shower market, Wetwall waterproof shower wall panels are an increasingly popular choice for bathroom remodeling. However, when it comes to installation, many homeowners and even contractors are confused about how to install these products properly. Currently, one of the most common questions homeowners ask is whether or not…

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