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bright white bathroom remodel

Bright Oregon City Bathroom Remodel

You don’t always need a large space to make a huge splash. This cozy bathroom remodel is nestled inside a stunning home in Oregon City. Much of the home had already been updated, but this space was outdated. It had older cabinets and tile, bright yellow and red accents, and lacked a laundry area. Our job was to make it more usable and implement a contemporary design.

Project goals

  • Update design to better match rest of home
  • Remove gaudy yellow and red accent elements
  • Install modern walk-in shower
  • Incorporate a laundry space
  • Create an overall inviting bathroom for guests

Major challenges

Since this was Oregon City bathroom remodel involved a relatively small space, a major challenge was redesigning the floor plan to accommodate the multiple functions it needed to perform. In addition, the existing bathroom had access directly to the home’s garage. The client wanted to remove that access point. We also needed to look for ways to save costs through product selections.



  • Removed existing wall, cabinetry, and sink
  • Removed access to garage
  • Added areas for laundry and extra storage
  • Added new walk-in shower


  • Removed yellow cabinets and replaced with elegant dark ones
  • Used large 12″x24″ porcelain tiles in new walk-in shower that mimicked more expensive marble
  • Replaced all hardware with modern chrome
  • Installed cost effective luxury vinyl tile flooring
  • Opted for “remnant” granite countertops to further save on costs

Overall design aesthetic

The original bathroom space was dark and drab. One of our missions was to brighten up. We did this by adding new windows for more natural light. We also used bright whites on the countertops and shower surfaces. To contrast that slightly, we used a soft gray luxury vinyl tile flooring, which is also soft underfoot. The dark brown cabinetry added more contrast and lent to an overall contemporary look.

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