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How to fix a shower leak

August 2, 2022

Nobody likes having a leak in their shower, and figuring out how to fix one can be a hassle. While the process of repairing a leaky shower may be inconvenient, the consequences of not repairing it can be catastrophic. But what if you don’t know how to fix a leak? Or worse, what if you…

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What is a Remodel Design Consultant?

July 27, 2022

Remodeling isn’t something that most people do frequently. Without frequent practice, learning how to navigate the challenges of remodeling can be difficult. As a professional whose job is to help homeowners navigate the process of remodeling, a design consultant plays an important role in turning your current home into your dream home. At Lamont Bros.,…

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How to choose a bathtub for your bathroom remodel

July 25, 2022

Whether it’s because they enjoy a quiet evening spent soaking in the tub or simply need a place to easily bathe their young children, a bathtub is an important feature to many homeowners. So when the time comes to remodel your bathroom, it makes sense to take the opportunity to choose a bathtub with your…

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How and why to add an egress window to your basement

July 20, 2022

You want to have your basement legally designated as a living space, but to do that, fire safety code requires that you have means of egress in specific areas. Fortunately, adding an egress window or door to an existing basement is a simple and relatively common project. Our team at Lamont Bros. has worked with…

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