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5 Kitchen Remodeling Questions to Help Your Project Be a Success

July 26, 2021

A kitchen renovation can transform a home, but poor planning can quickly turn a fun project into a recipe for disaster. Answering these 5 key kitchen remodeling questions can help you avoid common pitfalls and create a space you’ll love! 1. What does success look like? One of the most important kitchen remodeling questions to…

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Planning a Home Renovation: 5 Key Questions to Ask

July 22, 2021

A home remodel can be a pretty big undertaking, and it can come with a hefty budget. If you’re planning a home renovation, here are 5 important questions to ask before you get started in order to help ensure you’re spending your money wisely. 1. How long are you going to stay in your home?…

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7 Creative Ways to Elevate Traditional Subway Tile

July 19, 2021
white subway tile backsplash

Subway tile remains one of the most popular and affordable backsplash options in many of our remodels. And while some might think the classic white tile is a bit understated, there are several ways to make it to shine. Here are 7 creative ways to elevate subway tile in your next kitchen remodel. 1. Extend…

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5 Telltale Signs for When to Remodel Your Kitchen

July 15, 2021
Alameda Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is often the center of the home, so if it’s not functioning the way you need it to, that can have a serious effect on how much you and your family enjoy it. But a renovation can be a big undertaking, so how to do you know when to remodel your kitchen? Here…

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