Lamont Bros. Design Build Contractors

What is brs.la?

Lemme guess, you saw a link for brs.la, typed it in to your browser, and it brought you here. Well, this is the right place. Brs.la stands for the Brothers Lamont which are the owners of Lamont Bros. Design & Construction. We use brs.la to make short links for social media and QR codes. So yeah, it’s legit.

Who is Lamont Bros. Design & Construction?

One of the Lamont Bros. team in a basement under construction, hard at work, looking at design plans.

We are a remodeling company that serves the Portland area. We focus on three things when it comes to remodeling:

  1. Create a design based on the customer’s specifications and quote what it will cost.
  2. Build what was designed by the customer and our designers.
  3. Don’t change what we promised later.

In a world where contractors give you a low-ball offer and then hike up the price later, Lamont Bros. is doing something different: doing what we say. So if you’re tired of bad practices, from mediocre contractors give us a call.